Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's not a military action ..

It's not a confrontation ..

It's the new HOLOCASUT .. the blessed one actually ..

What's happening NOW in GAZA ..

Is the absolute act of terror ..

Is the ultimate extermination ..

This silence of the helpless world i'm living in ..

Is making me sick of myself .. my weakness ..

When you watch the news .. think of humanity ..

How barbarian is to murder a whole city after hungering them for months ?!

How could the killers face the world and be able to JUSTIFY all that ?!

Do you still want to be a humanbeing ?!

Even When your value as a one and your rights may worth shit in any second ,

Yet many will stand up for the predators ?!

Even when you see many people wasting their effort to save a puppy !

Not a little kid .. Not a yound man .. Not a human !

Don't you think .. they have to be some kind of an anti-human nations !!
Do you still want to belong to the same species ??

I don't ..



The people of GHAZA will SURVIVE your cold blooded- 90%innocents killing opreation..

and *#@$@$ the puppies nations ..



غدا في ساحة الإرادة .. الساعة السابعة مساء

لنكن هناك من أجلهم


يا رب العــزة .. انصر إخواننا في غزة

يا رب العــزة .. انصر إخواننا في غزة

يــا رب العزة .. انصر إخواننا في غزة

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